Words cannot express how grateful and thrilled we are for the educational grant which we received from you.  

We applied for this grant with the hopes of being able to purchase a new iPad for our daughter, Bethany who was multiply disabled by brain cancer when she was just two years old. The iPad is an incredible device for teaching and improving communication skills of children with disabilities.  

We received our check on the day before Thanksgiving.  On the Friday after the holiday we went shopping for Bethany’s new iPad not even thinking about the fact that it was Black Friday.  Because of a special holiday sale we were able to not only purchase the exact model iPad that we wanted,  but we were also able to purchase a purple carrying case for it and a special Tablemate table for Bethany to use as a desk  whether she is sitting on the couch or lying in bed.  

Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity to provide special equipment for our daughter that we would not have otherwise been able to!  

Bethany has endured more pain and suffering in her fifteen years than most people can even comprehend. Seeing the joy on her face while taking pictures on Photo Booth with her brother and sister was priceless!  

~ The P. Family, Special Needs Children's Fund

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