Children with Special Needs

“Thank you for your grant—it helps me personally give my daughters the understanding they need as I can homeschool
them now.”

Kelly T.
Special Needs Children's
Grant recipient

This fund helps HSLDA member families provide a higher quality education for their children with special learning needs.

Grants may be used toward curriculum, equipment, testing and specialized therapies and materials.  Special needs may include learning disabilities, intellectual handicaps, hearing or visual impairments, and severe disorders or syndromes.

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Homeschooling is “Like Juggling
Eggs and Rocks”

Kelly Taylor, Special Needs Children's Grant recipient

Kelly Taylor is a mom with a great sense of humor, no doubt honed while homeschooling her five children, two of whom have special learning needs. She and her husband, Paul, received a Special Needs Children's Fund grant to help with the prohibitive cost of the equipment needed to educate their daughters at home. Recently, we interviewed Kelly and were delighted by her ability to see the positive in everything.  Read Kelly's Interview>>




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