Single Parents

The Children of Single Parents Fund helps children in single-parent families continue their homeschool education despite their families' financial hardships.

This fund was created to help single parents in hard circumstances keep giving their children a fantastic educational experience. Through this fund, we give grants based on each family’s financial need and the availability of funds.

Grants must be used primarily for curriculum and materials and are not intended to provide ongoing household income assistance.

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“This whole experience [of receiving a grant] has taught me that even when you feel completely alone, God has a way of sending someone along to show you that He is there and cares so much about each one of us.”

Laura S.*
Children of Single Parents Fund Grant recipient

HSF Grant Check Arrives Just In Time
Laura S.*, Children of Single Parents Grant recipient

When her husband left their family, Laura Stewart* had been homeschooling for more than a decade—first her foster daughter, then her sons. Teaching her children at home was more than a preference to Laura. It was part of her life. But this commitment was tested when her now ex-husband chose not to contribute to any schooling costs.  

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*Name changed to protect the family.

Helping families homeschool through hard times

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