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Jewel's Story

Not everyone who receives a grant from HSLDA Compassion or assistance through HSLDA Ambassadors has an extraordinary story to tell. Most of the families we are honored to help are everyday, regular people—like our neighbors, co-workers, and church friends—who have hit a rough patch.

But everyone has a story and a reason, sometimes several, for why he or she needed a grant from HSLDA. We share these stories because they remind all of us that one day we might be hitting that rough patch.

Jewel Fuller’s* story demonstrates just that. The Fullers are a homeschooling family in Kentucky who needed a boost during a hard season. The HSLDA Ambassadors in Kentucky (now retired) who worked with Jewel describe her as a caring friend who is always there for those in need.

Below is the letter we received from Jewel a few months after her family received a grant through the HSLDA Kentucky Ambassador fund.

A small gesture can mean the world to a family, as this note conveys.

"Dear HSLDA,

My name is Jewel. My husband’s name is Will. We have a 12-year-old son Cody, who struggles with memory and learning issues. We had tried for several years to get him help through the public school system, but we weren't getting anywhere. Cody started developing health issues, stressed to the point that most of his hair had fallen out. We decided enough was enough. We pulled Cody out of public school and began homeschooling him the second semester of 4th grade.

I had been working part time outside the home to help with the cost of our health insurance and bills. I suffer from multiple sclerosis and health insurance is a must. I had been managing pretty well until December 2016, when I had a relapse. I was hospitalized multiple times and everything changed.

I could no longer work outside the home, which meant I could no longer carry our health insurance. My husband had to start covering our health insurance, and the medical bills began piling up. We wondered how we were going to pay for supplies and some special curriculum for Cody.

Thanks to the HSLDA Ambassadors, we were able to do this. The goodness and generosity you share are truly reminders of God’s love. We pray to someday be able to give back what was given to us.

With Gratitude,

The Fuller family"

Stories like the Fullers’ give us the chance to pay it forward. One way we do this is through donations. Another way is through volunteering as an HSLDA Ambassador.

We are actively recruiting candidates to serve as HSLDA Ambassadors so that we have volunteers in all 50 states (including Kentucky!) to provide caring, hands-on help to struggling homeschooling families in their communities.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do and you have at least 5 hours per month to volunteer, please click here to learn more about HSLDA Ambassadors and how to become one.

*All names changed for privacy.

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