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Chele's Story



Last November, Chele Roberts, a homeschool mom with three children, discovered she had a rare stage 4 cancer. She and her family were devastated. To make matters worse, insurance would only cover a portion of her expensive chemotherapy and nutritional treatments.

But as Chele, her husband, Matt, and their children began their battle, God was preparing another homeschool mom to rally a whole community alongside the Roberts.

Myrlande Joseph is creative nurturer. She is also an HSLDA Ambassador.

Building responsive communities to provide support to homeschoolers when they encounter difficult circumstances is a primary goal of HSLDA's Ambassador Program. When a family like Chele's is facing hardship, the emotional, financial, and physical impact can be made lighter through an encouraging support network.

Part of the same homeschool group as Chele, Myrlande heard about Chele's expensive treatment and began to consider how she could support the family. Their homeschool group was already planning a yard sale with all the proceeds going to Chele, but could Myrlande leverage her Ambassador connections to amplify this support?

Myrlande Joseph (far right) with other volunteers at a fundraiser for Chele.

Turns out she could. Myrlande remembered that HSLDA's Ambassador Program offers a matching grant up to $2000 to double the fundraising efforts of ambassadors—and she got to work right away. 

"We are a community," Myrlande said. "When one family needs help, we all respond.

Through the yard sale, a bake sale, a raffle, and the HSLDA Ambassador matching grant, Chele's community rose up around her and her family with an outpouring of love and financial support. 

"I am so thankful and humbled by all of the efforts and sacrifice. There is no way I could express how much what you have done means to me," Chele shared. 

Myrlande noted the success of the homeschool group's efforts. "Many hands lighten the load. The community came out with many donations and support to help Chele fight this cancer. When she wins—we all win!" 

To learn more about HSLDA's Ambassador program, visit: homeschoolfoundation.org/volunteer.

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