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Nancy's Story

“My Boys Are My Life”

Nancy Peters knew that when her husband of 25 years started to choose a lifestyle that was not compatible with her faith and the vision she had for her two sons, things had to change. It would not be an easy decision to permanently separate, but one that would give the Peters family a chance to live freely for what they believed in.

Nancy was no stranger to working hard and pouring much of herself into her kids’ lives. She worked at the Christian school her 12- and 15-year-old sons attended—until some health issues forced her to retire.

As an employee at the school, her children’s tuition was covered. Without the school’s help, she couldn’t afford to keep them in attendance.

Nancy and her sons

Not only that, but one of her sons, Caleb, had been born with an ADHD disorder as well as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic collagen deficiency which causes multiple physical and learning problems. This makes a traditional classroom setting quite challenging for Caleb. 

But when Nancy realized that her experience as a teacher’s aide had fully equipped her to teach her children at home, homeschooling started to look like a good fit for their family. Additionally. Caleb had many doctor and therapy appointments that he had to make throughout a normal week—with the offices being up to 50 miles away. This made their decision much clearer. 

After homeschooling for five years, Nancy and the boys found that they love it.

“We consider homeschooling a blessing from the Lord, and we thank Him for the opportunity to do so every single morning during devotions,” Nancy said. “We have become closer as a family. We have learned so much together.”

However, the reality of leading a family that struggles with health issues—in addition to homeschooling without great financial means—soon started to set in. The quality curriculum Nancy wanted for her boys started to look like an unrealistic desire. 

One day, she spoke with a customer care representative from Alpha Omega about their Monarch online homeschool curriculum. She had used their 30-day trial, absolutely loved it, and wanted to know if they offered reduced payment plans that she could afford. 

Sadly, Alpha Omega could not offer such reduced plans, but they recommended that she reach out to HSLDA’s Home School Foundation to see what help we could offer. 

Nancy was immediately met with doubt—she didn’t think that she would qualify for help. Despite her uncertainty, she reached out to us. 

Much to her delight, she qualified for funding and was given a grant. With the grant money, she was able to pay for an entire year of the Monarch online homeschool curriculum, an entire year of online homeschool lessons, a laptop, a printer, school supplies, and science and PE equipment! 

Though discouraged at times in their homeschool journey, the Peters family has held a certain hope and positive attitude that have allowed them to do so much good for their community.

“We are blessed and finally have peace in our home,” Nancy shared. “My boys are my life.”

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