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George and Mayra's Story

Homeschooling to Flourish

The Wilcox Family

Three years ago, George and Mayra Wilcox moved their family to a new state, away from the small charter school with teachers they loved and into a school district that scored a 2 out of 10 on a recent rating.

“We knew that we could not put our children [in public school],” Mayra shared. “We decided to homeschool while we became familiar with our new surroundings and found a decent school for them.”

What was supposed to be a one-year detour turned into three-year journey that the family enjoyed so much that they didn’t want it to end. George and Mayra loved tailoring their school material to each child’s specific needs and learning preferences. 

“Allowing them to focus on their strengths and passions has helped bring out the best in our children,” Mayra said. “One of my girls loves to make and build things, another is very creative and loves to paint and do anything art-related, [and] the smallest one is very bright and absorbs information easily, so we are constantly giving her more than her ‘grade level’ material. Homeschooling has allowed them to really flourish. For us as parents, it has helped us get to know them better.”  

Finances, however, have begun to present a challenge to the family’s continued homeschooling. George is a disabled veteran, and recent health issues prohibit him from working as hard to provide for his family as he has in the past. Even though Mayra picks up work as a substitute teacher, it’s tough to purchase all the curriculum and materials her family needs on a very tight budget.

“We are constantly thinking of what we could do if we had more income,” Mayra said. “Extracurriculars like sports or music lessons are offered at school for free, and it can sometimes cause doubts [about our decision].”

Wilcox girls and their new booksCommitted to giving her children the very best education, Mayra didn’t give up. She search for grants for homeschooling families and found HSLDA’s Homeschool Foundation. She applied and was given a grant through the Foundation’s Military Fund.

“The grant allowed to us to purchased curriculum and supplies that I had wanted for a while but simply could not afford. It also renewed my faith in homeschooling—just knowing that there are people out there willing to help families like ours. I am grateful for this organization. It is not an easy choice to homeschool, and knowing that there is an organization that wants to provide support is very refreshing.”

Mayra also had a word for the families who made her grant possible: “Thank you for having a heart for homeschooling families. When we tell others about our decision to homeschool, it is not always met with enthusiasm. Many people doubt that this is the best decision; many homeschoolers often doubt themselves.”

“I feel like financially supporting families is [an] encouragement in and of itself,” she continued. “It is like someone is saying ‘Hey, I believe in what you are doing—keep it up!’”

Helping families homeschool through hard times

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