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Latasha's Story

Baby Steps To Big Dreams

Three years ago, Latasha Hood’s 8-year-old son, Israel, was experiencing constant bullying at his public school, leaving him distraught and withdrawn.

“When I dropped him off at school, I felt like I was leading my little lamb to the slaughter,” Latasha said. “God gave me a precious gift in him that I need to nurture and care for.”

So Latasha and her husband decided to homeschool Israel.

Israel and his new homeschooling books

 “As a parent, homeschooling has given me the security to know that I am taking part in his academic career while also teaching him biblical morals and principles,” said Latasha.

Homeschooling also let Israel’s parents customize his education around his dream of being a doctor. He plans to be either a heart and lung specialist or a brain surgeon.

“I want to help people with my hands and operate on them to make them better,” the 11-year-old  said.

“He has a knack for helping others,” Latasha added.

Israel’s dream grew even stronger after his father died from lung cancer last year and he saw how the doctors fought to save his father’s live.

As a widow, Latasha found it challenging to continue homeschooling. Her family didn’t support her decision, and on her limited income, she found it hard to pay for schoolbooks—especially ones that would help Israel achieve his goal of becoming a doctor one day.

Latasha and Israel

She learned that the Home School Foundation offers grants to widows struggling to homeschool and decided to apply. After receiving a grant, Latasha used the money to buy textbooks, electronics, and other materials instrumental in helping Israel succeed at homeschooling.

“What a blessing!” Latasha said about her grant. “This grant will help him take baby steps in his dream and lead him to bigger things. Every time my son says, ‘Thank you, Mom, for homeschooling me,’ it literally brings me to tears. Losing my husband has not been easy, but the Lord gave us the strength to carry on.”

Latasha is grateful for the donors who made her grant possible: “You never know the impact that your financial contribution made on our lives. You made a difference in my son’s homeschooling journey.”

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