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Daniela's Story

From Romania to Widowhood

While Daniela was growing up in Bacău, Romania, she daydreamed about becoming a teacher—not knowing that she would one day become a homeschooling mom in America, and certainly not expecting that she would become a widow along the way.

When she was Daniela and Isabelin her early 20s, Daniela left home and became an au pair for a family in Utah. While she was living there, she became lonely and joined a online Christian chat room, where she met Jason. They hit it off instantly and became close.

After a year of flying back and forth to see each other, they decided to marry. The two had been married for a couple of years when Daniela found out she was pregnant with a baby girl. She was born in July, and they named her Isabel Maria. They talked about what kind of education they would give her; when Jason suggested homeschooling, Daniela was reluctant because it wasn’t commonly done in Romania.

Jason began having some sleep issues and headaches, and Daniela noticed that he was lacking focus and had trouble doing simple things like counting. She took him to a doctor, who told them that Jason had a chemical imbalance and desperately needed sleep, then prescribed sleeping pills.

One day, Jason woke up not himself; Daniela knew something was wrong, so she admitted him to the hospital. She recalls watching him go through some very tough moments. On his last evening, she says that he looked a lot better. But the next morning she received the call that Jason had taken his life.

Daniela was shocked and could never make sense of Jason’s choice. But she knew how hard his final days were, and ultimately she trusted God with the situation.

Months later, Daniela’s church offered her a job as a preschool teacher. Daniela accepted, and the job helped her take her mind off of Jason’s passing and gave Isabel the opportunity to make new friends.

Finally, Daniela made the Isabel and dogdecision to homeschool Isabel as Jason would have wanted. Three years as a preschool teacher had made Daniela more comfortable with the idea of teaching her daughter at home.

However, she worried about how to pay for Isabel’s curriculum. She prayed that God would provide. 

Daniela’s sister-in-law found the answer: she had been a long-time follower of HSLDA’s Facebook page and saw a post one day about the Home School Foundation. She read about our Widows Fund and told Daniela about it immediately.

Daniela applied for funding. When we notified her that she would receive a grant from our Widows Fund, she was relieved, to say the least. She sent us a letter of gratitude, sharing these words:

“THANK YOU for sharing with us what God has blessed you with. It has made an impact on our lives and I am sure other lives as well. May God bless you and keep you. We could not have done this without your generous help!

If you’d like to come alongside a homeschooling widow like Daniela, consider making a donation to HSF’s Widows Fund. Your support and encouragement is invaluable for these resilient women committed to providing the best educational experience for their children in the midst of challenging circumstances.

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