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Joe & Lorraine's Story

The Lightbulb Moment

Joe and Lorraine Salmieri have been homeschooling six of their eight children for 10 years. For eight of those years, they have been members of HSLDA but never found themselves in true need of financial assistance for curriculum. Joe is a truck driver and Lorraine stays at home with their kids—and they have lived comfortably.
The Salmieris' goals for their children include giving them a faith-based education, providing a safe and nurturing home environment for them to learn, and encouraging their love for each other.
But recently, they've faced financial challenges which threaten some of those goals. When Joe was laid off in 2012, he wasn't able to find work that made quite the same income. This alone made the family's budget tight. But they have since welcomed a new member to their family, which has made homeschooling even trickier. And over the last five years, they have also discovered that two of their children have dyslexia—reading, writing and learning math has proved exceedingly challenging for them.
In the midst of all these issues, Lorraine heard about an out-of-the-box program online that seemed to be the answer for her struggling children. The only problem was that she knew she wouldn't be able to afford it, given her family's budget.
Then Lorraine had a lightbulb moment: she remembered hearing about the Home School Foundation when they first became members of HSLDA.
Joe and Lorraine went through the prequalification process and were told that they were eligible to apply for a Special Needs Children's Grant—which would certainly cover the cost of the program Lorraine had her eye on.
After they received the grant, Lorraine wrote us a very kind letter thanking us and our donors for the gift. She reported that her children were learning so well and that their youngest daughter has been doing a great job learning to read and write words and sentences!
We are so thrilled to be able to come alongside families like the Salmieris. We are so thankful for our donors and their generous gifts; every contribution goes such a long way in providing the quality education that every child deserves.

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