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Greg & Angie's Story

Their Faith Outlasted Their Fear

When Greg and Angie Balman and their three children were called to leave the lives they had already established to follow God's plan for them as missionaries in Colorado, they knew it wouldn't be easy. There would be a lot of adjustments.

But this family's faith outlasted their fears.

The Balmans

The Balmans, who had been homeschooling their children for 11 years, relocated to Colorado with the support of a nonprofit called Exchanged Life Minstries (ELM), which makes it possible for them to raise their income through the work involved in their ministry. While the fundraising has covered all of their living expenses, it does not account for unexpected needs.

This became vividly apparent when their youngest daughter, Paige, was diagnosed with dyslexia.

"The challenge of depending on financial support through ministry donors, in tandem with learning to meet the unique challenges of home-educating a child with a learning difficulty, stretched us like we'd never been stretched before," Angie said.

Paige's difficulties had begun at a young age, when Greg and Angie discovered that she was struggling with reading and spelling. Soon she also started having difficulty putting numbers in the right sequence. Based on their research, Greg and Angie knew they couldn't wait to help her, since challenges like Paige's become increasingly more difficult to overcome as time goes on.

Many homeschooling parents are able to reach out to their homeschooling community for advice or even services to meet a learning need in their child, often for free. But when you're spending so much time on the mission field, connecting with fellow homeschoolers is a real challenge. The Balmans were left to figure this one out on their own. 

So they began to pray that God would supply the means for Paige to receive help. 

While in the waiting room of a reading specialist's office, Angie met another Christian homeschooling mom. Her son had struggled with similar learning difficulties. She recommended the Home School Foundation, explaining that we had helped her family following her husband's job loss. 

Soon after applying for our Special Needs Children's Grant, the Balmans received exactly the amount they needed to get help for Paige. Since her family received the grant from HSF six months ago, Paige has advanced a whole year in her reading level! 

"We are deeply grateful on behalf of our daughter through the Special Needs Children's Grant," Angie said. "It will enable us to begin in the upcoming year with the hopeful expectation and support we have so desperately needed, due to significant learning challenges. We have never been more keenly aware of the reality that we cannot homeschool alone! Thank you to you, HSF, and the generous supporters of HSF for being such a tangible, practical blessing to our family."

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