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Kelli & Ryan's Story

Can You Homeschool Without A Home?

The Carruth kidsThe Carruth family and their four children were living happily in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. That is, until disaster struck. 

Kelli Carruth is a stay-at-home mom. Her husband, Ryan, is a high-school English and Latin teacher. They felt called to educate their children at home early on because they were dissatisfied with the teaching methods used in traditional school settings. After giving homeschooling a try, they came to the conclusion that it was a great fit for them.

Kelli enjoyed homeschooling her kids; she loved watching them learn and thrive at home. She poured herself into fun, yet functional projects that would benefit her children’s school experience. She built her oldest child a desk with her own two hands!

Then, last summer, the Carruths discovered that their home was within the target area for torrential rainfall. They knew they wouldn’t be able to escape some damage, but they hoped for the best. After placing full sandbags on their property to try to redirect the flow of whatever water was on its way, they evacuated.

Over the course of the next eight days, Louisiana and Mississippi together received more than 7 trillion gallons of water. The Carruths lost just about everything they had, including their home, which accumulated three feet of water inside.

The water mark on the Carruth's school room after the flood waters recededLife afterward was a mixed bag. The Carruths moved from place to place while they were without a home. Because of this, they didn’t know if homeschooling was still the best option for them. Kelli and Ryan came very close to enrolling their oldest child in public school. 

But at the last minute, they decided to finish what they started and continue to homeschool. 

Christian Home Educators Fellowship of Alabama (CHEF) was a great help to the Carruths during this uncertain time in their lives. CHEF held book give-away events and blessed many homeschooling families affected by the floods by giving them the materials and curriculum they needed to continue. 

At one of CHEF’s giveaways, Kelli and Ryan learned that the Home School Foundation had grants available for homeschooling families affected by the flood. The couple applied for assistance and shortly afterwards received a grant from HSF’s Emergency Response Fund.

“This money went so far in filling out our homeschool and surrounding our kids with engaging materials,” Kelli shared. It was a tremendous push forward and kept me going through such a trying time.” 

Thank you to our donors who made it possible for HSF to bless this family, and many others during the historic floods last year!

Click here to read how HSF's ambassadors worked tirelessly this past year to help over 200 homeschooling families who lost their books and school supplies in the flood.

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