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Debbie's Story

Answered Prayer: Blind Widow Keeps Homeschooling with HSF Grant

Debbie didn’t have very long to say goodbye.

Six months after her husband was diagnosed with cancer in his colon and pancreas, it had spread to the rest of his body and he passed away—leaving behind Debbie and their 15-year-old daughter, Grace.

This left Debbie on her own to make choices about Grace’s education, and it wouldn’t be simple.

Debbie had been born with cone dystrophy—an ocular disorder that causes the loss of cone cells. By the time she was in her 30s, it had become significantly difficult for her to see and she had been pronounced legally blind.

Now that her husband was gone, Debbie wouldn’t be able to continue homeschooling Grace by herself.

She knew she didn’t want to put Grace in public school, but she couldn’t afford to enroll her in a private Christian school. Sending her to a local homeschool co-op was an option, but even though it wasn’t as costly as private school, it was an expense that she simply couldn’t afford.

Additionally, Grace was coming up on 16 years old and would need some help learning how to drive—especially so she could help Debbie get them to the grocery store and the doctor regularly. Debbie couldn’t teach Grace herself, but she didn’t have money for driving lessons.

Debbie reached out to her sister. She told her how scared she was that she might not be able to provide these necessities for her daughter. She asked her sister to pray that God would provide a way to pay for Grace’s co-op classes, books, and driving lessons.

As Debbie’s sister was browsing Home School Legal Defense Association’s website, she stumbled upon HSLDA’s annual poetry contest. This led her to the Home School Foundation’s website, because HSF receives the proceeds of HSLDA contests and uses them to help families just like Debbie’s.

Debbie’s sister told her about HSF’s Widow’s Grant, and she reached out immediately.

After reviewing her documentation, we knew we could help Debbie out. Soon she received a $1,400 check that covered all of Grace’s educational expenses.

If you would like to bless a homeschooling widow like Debbie, donate to our Widows Fund here.

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