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Pam's Story

To the Home School Foundation and everyone who donated to help widows and orphans:

I want to thank you for your gift. It was a direct answer to prayer. I am a widow of 10 years and a mother of 12 children. My husband and I have homeschooled since 1983. My two youngest daughters are still doing high school work at home.

The past eight years or so have been very stressful financially. No matter what I cut out of our budget, it seems that there are often more bills at the end of the month than there are funds to pay them. Several times throughout these years, the Home School Foundation has helped my family afford the cost of curriculum. This has been a tremendous help and a blessing to know there are others who are looking out for people in need.

A few weeks ago, my car’s dashboard started flashing. I brought it to a shop where I was told that the repair would cost almost $600. It wasn’t under warranty. I was shocked—so much so that I drove away sobbing.

When I got home, I sat in my driveway, crying out to the Lord for mercy. This kind of thing, where an unexpected bill came up, just kept happening. I felt helpless. But as our Lord is so good at doing, He gave me a deep sense of peace. He didn’t promise me anything, He just gave me peace, and I reminded Him (and especially myself) that I trust Him. His peace stayed with me.

Two days later, I talked to the manager where I’d bought the car. He offered to do the repair for $275, cutting out most of the labor costs. I thanked him as it was a great gesture, but I didn’t even have that much to spend. I made an appointment for two weeks out, hopefully expectant that God would send me work or funds that would cover this bill.

Only two days later, Davis Carman, the HSF North Carolina State Ambassador, contacted me out of the blue to ask if we had any unexpected financial needs. What? God is so GOOD!

I explained my situation and Ambassador Carman told me that the North Carolina Ambassador Fund could cover it. As a bonus, he happened to have a contact who might be interested in having me work from home while homeschooling. Without knowing it, he was speaking God’s answers to other requests I’d been asking my Father for.

God really does love to bless us above and beyond what we ask for! When I finally had the car work done, I told the car manager this story. He was very excited, saying that he loves to hear testimonies of God’s faithfulness. He knocked another $25 off my car repair!

Our God is always good. He can be trusted.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has donated to HSF and the North Carolina Ambassador Fund. You are being used by God to bless those who cry out to Him for help!

Thank you,

Pam G. and family

HSF Note:  Since we received this letter from Pam, she has gotten a wonderful part-time job at a local ministry and has graduated her second-youngest daughter from high school.

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