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Joann's Story

Perseverance Pays Off

Joann knew something was amiss with her twin boys, John-Paul and Levi.

She had been homeschooling for many years; she taught each of her eight kids how to read, write, spell, do math, and develop a variety of other skills. Like most homeschooling parents, at first she had been unsure she was doing all of the right things. Nevertheless, as she persevered, Joann had become convinced that homeschooling offered the best opportunity for her kids to grow and thrive. 

So why wasn't that happening now with her youngest two? 

Joann and her husband Herb, a pastor, initially thought that their sons were just young and would grow out of their learning difficulties. But some of Joann's friends suspected that the boys had autism, since they exhibited signs like consistently stomping their feet, running in circles, generally not liking things to touch and unconventional eating habits. At the very least, Joann and Herb knew that the boys had short-term memory loss. 

Joann's boys todayThey thought perhaps the boys' difficulties were just a result of having unique learning styles. So they decided to try new curricula. When that didn't work, they sought the guidance of their pediatrician. At his recommendation that they look into diagnostic testing, Herb and Joann discovered that they couldn't afford testing for even one boy, let alone two!

God soon provided the answer, however. While Joann was flipping through her most recent copy of HSLDA's Home School Court Report, she noticed HSF's section. She read about HSF's mission to help families homeschooling through hard times, and reached out to us for help.

"[Testing] is beyond our means at this time," Joann wrote us. "We do not have a financial crisis – we just do not have the amount of money put aside. I am asking God to open doors if they should be evaluated at this time. I am knocking on the HSF door to see if this is how God will help provide for their testing."

We determined that Joann's family was a great candidate and offered them a grant from our Special Needs Children's Fund. Thank you for the gifts and prayers that made their grant possible!

Helping families homeschool through hard times

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