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Homeschooling Widow Finishes Strong, Overcoming Challenges


"My husband and I were not planning to homeschool, but when our oldest was ready for school, we thought it was our best option," homeschooling veteran Jill Hausler recounted.

She had a secondary teaching background, and had even taught part-time at the Christian school in town for a year. "We went in to the homeschool world pretty naively, but fell in love with it and it became a lifestyle."  

This way of life was severely tested seven and a half years ago, when Jill's husband Mark was diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer.

"It was quite a shock, as he was not a smoker," Jill said. "He fought the disease and entered glory on January 2, 2010—the year our oldest son graduated from high school."

Later that year, Jill was at a homeschool conference when some of her friends directed her to HSLDA. They told her that HSLDA had a charitable foundation with a special fund to help widows continue homeschooling after the death of their spouse. Jill applied for the Home School Foundation's grant and waited for the response. When she heard the news that she had received the grant, she couldn't contain her gratitude.  

"What a help and a huge blessing! [The grant] was such a timely gift, and truly eased the burden of part-time work while homeschooling," she said.

With the support of HSF, Jill finished homeschooling two more sons, who are now successfully pursuing their passions. Her youngest son will graduate this month, and by this fall, all four of her sons will have attended college. Her oldest is married with a young son of his own.  

"Because of [HSF's] Widows fund, I was able to stay home as much as possible to continue homeschooling," Jill shared. "I would encourage other homeschooling widows to continue with the calling God has laid on their hearts. Even through suffering and difficult circumstances, God is faithful and provides what we need—and what our children need."

Thank you for helping brave mothers like Jill finish strong.

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