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Aleesha's Story

Homeschooling with Grace and Dignity

Twenty-five-year-old single mother Aleesha has been through the mill.

When she was younger, Aleesha pushed through one of the hardest things for a person to overcome: drug addiction. She realized that she didn't want her life the way it was. She wanted freedom. So with the help of her aunt, she surrendered her life to Christ one Christmas Eve. Since that night, drugs have no longer tempted her.

But more struggles were in store for Aleesha. Five years ago, she made the tough decision to separate from her abusive husband, leaving her alone with their young son and daughter. 

As the sole provider for her children, the young mother from Alabama felt an undeniable conviction to homeschool them.

Playing the role of both parents for two small children is hard enough—but taking on the challenge of teaching them as well? That's a tall order. Aleesha embraced the challenge, however, believing that home education was the best choice for her family despite the overwhelming odds against her. 

One of the biggest hurdles for Aleesha was limited funds. She had the passion and drive to pursue homeschooling, but she couldn't support it on her income alone.

After reading several testimonies of single parents who had successfully homeschooled, Aleesha searched for grants that might be available.  "I was reminded of when I was in college and I was able to get a grant," she recalled. "It helped tremendously and gave me a feeling of dignity. I figured it was at least worth a Google search." 

When she came across the Home School Foundation's website, Aleesha felt a sting of pride that kept her from reaching out initially. She didn't want to need help; she didn't want to rely on anyone or anything but herself. But she decided to pray and ask God to fill her heart with peace—to enable her to move forward. God came through for her, so she called us.

Our administrative staff was thrilled to give Aleesha a grant. When she heard the news, Aleesha responded with words of thanks to HSF's donors.

"I believe that the Lord was able to reach out and help us through you. . . . I am so thankful for this grant, because we were able to receive help in a true time of need. It not only gave us peace for the upcoming school year but [also] hope for the future and dignity in our current situation—and that really means something to me. Thank you for helping to make this possible!"

Aleesha also shared a few encouraging words to those who are afraid to reach out for help. "There are people who see the desire in a single mother's heart to homeschool a child and [who] have the compassion of Christ to make that a reality," she said. "I learned to not be afraid to look for help because God may be there working through others to help you in your time of need."

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