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The Difference Between Hope and Despair

The loss of a spouse is crushing. Whether death comes quickly and unexpectedly or after a long and difficult illness, traumatized families struggle to move through a host of emotions. Making financial decisions can be paralyzing.

In the midst of all this trauma, it's crucial for a family to know they are not alone. How a community responds to a grieving family can make the difference between hope and despair.

As my husband lingered through a 3-year battle with kidney cancer, I felt alone at times. But I never was. A host of friends and families surrounded my family in overwhelming and amazing ways. Our church and homeschool community cooked, cleaned, chauffeured, laundered, helped with care-giving, and prayed over us. When Tim passed away, they cried with us, secured plane tickets, provided lodging, purchased the coffin, hosted the funeral reception, and eventually walked me through some important financial planning. They were, by all visible means, the arms of Christ carrying my children and me through the most difficult time we had ever endured.

Unfortunately, this is not the experience of every widow. In my position as a grant administrator for Home School Foundation, I frequently talk with widows who have no one to help. It breaks my heart. They are alone and struggling to keep everything afloat. As she faces the fear of re-entering the work world, one of a widow's greatest worries is that she won't be able to continue teaching her children at home.

With no place to turn, widows and widowers find comfort and encouragement when they talk with our staff. Hope replaces anxiety when they hear that HSF can offer homeschooling assistance during a time when stability for their children is most crucial. 

Generous donors like you make possible the grants parents need to purchase curriculum and pay for online classes. Your gift  also allows a child to continue extracurricular activities, sports or music lessons—positive outlets that become even more important for a child in the face of great loss. Helping a family maintain a consistent homeschooling experience gives them a sense of balance that is often threatened by the death of a parent.

Join us in showering compassion on widows and children, so they know they aren't alone. Be a part of the caring community that responds with the love of Christ and makes the difference between hope and despair.

With hope,
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Anne Bittner

Grant Administrator, HSF

Helping families homeschool through hard times

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