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Using Her Talents for Good: Abi Carter’s Story

Abi CarterWhen the financial aid she had been counting on fell through in her senior year of high school, Abi Carter didn’t think she would be able to attend Patrick Henry College (PHC). Frustrated, Abi turned to close friends and mentors, who advised her to pray. From there, the next step was clear: she signed her intent to enroll and trusted God to take care of the rest.

A couple of months later, Abi received an email from Home School Foundation (HSF) letting her know we would be happy to support her financially in the one of the biggest and most important pursuits of her life.

A heart of service

Every year, HSF selects a handful of graduating high school students who demonstrate exceptional academic promise and great financial need for an educational scholarship to attend Patrick Henry College (PHC).

As we reviewed student applications this past summer we discovered that Abi, a newly graduated homeschool student, fit the bill: Her parents are HSLDA members, Abi herself was involved in community service, and she needed financial assistance in order to attend PHC.

Ever since she was a little girl, Abi has poured her heart into serving those around her. In addition to tutoring and volunteering in three state-level campaigns for representatives and senators in Minnesota, Abi served as a volunteer docent at the Joni and Friends International Disability Center in Agoura Hills, CA.

“This experience put life into perspective,” Abi said. “When I am tempted to complain, I remember the hardships that many people who have disabilities face every minute.”

How appropriate that HSF, which aids homeschooling families educating children with disabilities, can also assist a young woman who has a heart for such people!

A promising future

At 17 years old, Abi has also shown great academic promise, and is poised to excel at PHC. 

She scored very high on her SATs—a clear indication of hard work and dedication—and impressed us with her hefty log of speech and debate awards.

Abi’s Christian apologetics coach wrote a great reference on her behalf, remarking that “she performed remarkably in grasping the classical arguments for the existence of God, including memorizing the premises, their defenses, and effective use as rhetorical devices against the secular humanism and philosophical naturalism.”

Abi Carter in DC

Abi is excited about her future and grateful for the opportunity afforded by HSF’s scholarship. “When I received the email about the scholarship, I was overjoyed and extremely thankful,” she shared.

While we appreciate every bit of thanks that we get from those we help, the credit truly belongs to our wonderful donors who make our scholarships possible. If you would like to help students like Abi achieve their dream of attending PHC, please consider donating to the PHC scholarship fund. Any amount helps!

You can also help through prayer. Pray for the students who receive our scholarships—pray that they would flourish in their education at PHC. And pray that HSF will continue to find the means to help them get there.

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