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New Curriculum Is a "True Blessing" for Struggling Family

Michael and Amber Jones* and their four children typify the average homeschool family helped through the Home School Foundation’s Kids Curriculum Fund. The couple has a single income, and they rent a modest ranch-style tract home in a growing community in Arkansas. Michael works a hard 50 hours per week as a small store manager. He would work more, but his diabetes prevents him from getting a second job to ease his family’s tight budget.

Medical Concerns

For the Joneses, as for many Americans living paycheck to paycheck, medical issues are the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Michael recently had shoulder surgery and the couple is still reeling from the devastation of a stillborn son. And their oldest daughter, Kerrigan, suffers from a seizure disorder that resulted from an injury at birth.

“Please pray that Kerrigan has complete healing,” Amber wrote on her HSF grant application. “The medicine [that she requires] hinders her learning.”

Committed Homeschoolers

While the Joneses might save on some costs if they enrolled their children in public school or if Amber went to work, the couple is committed to giving their children the best possible education. They have been homeschooling for four years, and because of Kerrigan’s special needs, they are likely in it for the long haul. Amber, who has a degree in psychology, has chosen to be a stay-at-home mom right now because her children’s education “is a priority.”

Her degree isn’t collecting dust though. Before becoming a mom, Amber worked as a teacher’s aide in special education classes and at a clinic for children with all kinds of delays. “God knew what I would need. He helped prepare me for the challenge  of raising a child with learning delays.”

Brand New School Materials

The Jones Family's New Curriculum

When Amber heard about HSF from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), she knew she wanted to apply for a grant. A short time later, HSF was honored to give Michael and Amber a grant through the Kids Curriculum Fund to alleviate some of their financial stress. The couple also received a free one-year HSLDA membership through the Members Helping Members Fund.

“This is my fifth year homeschooling and the first year I’ve been allowed to buy new curriculum, thanks only to God for providing through the Home School Foundation,” Amber shared when she sent us a photo of the curriculum she purchased with her grant. “This is a true blessing.”

*Last name changed for privacy.

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