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Shepherding a Son with Fragile X Syndrome

The story below came to us from a dear homeschool mom, Jo Anna L. Together with her husband, she currently homeschools three of their sons: Randen, Reggie, and Cameron. 

This family truly has a heart to minister to children with special needs. In addition to their youngest son Cameron, who is featured in the story below, they adopted and raised two sons with Down Syndrome, Lee and Dustin. Tragically, Lee died just over a year ago on an outing with his group home.

Cameron was 11 weeks old when he joined our family. Born with Fragile X Syndrome, we knew he would require special care, equipment, and therapy as he journeyed through life. And we trusted in God to meet his every need (Matthew 6:26).

Although we knew little about Fragile X at the time, we felt the Lord was leading us to become this angel's parents. We had already raised two sons who were born with Down syndrome and from what we researched online, Fragile X was a chromosome issue like Down syndrome. So with confidence in our back pocket and love in our hearts we proceeded forward. And a few weeks later, we welcomed Cameron with open hearts and open arms!

Now that Cameron is school-aged, we are so grateful that HSF has come along side to help meet his special needs at home, where he can learn in an environment that is tailored to his specific learning style. The grant we received has relieved a financial burden and allowed us to focus on meeting Cameron’s needs.

The grant from HSF was crucial, since the money we'd set aside to purchase this year's school materials had to be used instead to buy a grave marker for our older son, Lee, who died unexpectedly. The gift we received from HSF brought joy during our grief. We are grateful beyond words.

Like all families, we have good days and not so good days, ups and downs, but having the love and support of others truly encourages us to press on. Sometimes the enemy tries to make us feel inadequate: “You can’t do this!” “It’s too hard!” and “You’re not smart enough to teach!” But those are lies. God tells me through his Word that “I can do all things through Christ,” and “that all things work together for good to those who love God.” God’s love for us and our children endures forever.

The Lord is my Shepherd . . . I shall not want.

- Jo Anna L.

Special Needs Children's Fund grant recipient

If Cameron's story has blessed you, please consider giving to the Special Needs Children's Fund so that we can bring joy to more homeschool families.

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