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Restoring a Little Girl's Dignity

Sydney McCurryMost of the families HSF Ambassadors help are in need of school supplies or financial assistance after the loss of a job. South Carolina Community Ambassador Beth Moore, however, found a most unique way to bless homeschooled fourth-grader, Sydney McCurry.

She bought her a wig.

“I met the McCurry family at a Bible study some years ago.” Ambassador Moore explained. “When I learned that their sweet daughter Sydney was frequently in and out of hospitals, I wanted to help this family with all they were trying to overcome.”

Insurance Gap

Moore interviewed the family to find out more about Sydney’s medical condition.  Sydney had had many operations on her colon over the years, and the family regularly traveled back and forth to Columbus, Ohio from their home in South Carolina for expensive follow-up treatments.  Chemotherapy treatments began in the summer of 2015 and insurance was not available to cover procedures she needed.  The family had homeschooled Sydney since kindergarten, a perfect fit for accommodating Sydney's medical treatments.

“After Sydney’s treatments began in 2015, she started losing her hair. At first, it came out little by little, but then it was falling out in clumps,” shared Nancy McCurry, Sydney’s mom. “Her doctor diagnosed her with a disfiguring condition called alopecia, which causes smooth hairless patches on the head.”

Sydney was understandably self-conscious. After pricing wigs, Nancy McCurry was dismayed not only by the prices of suitable wigs but also by the discovery that their insurance company would not cover the purchase of a wig.

Moved by Compassion

Moore’s compassion for Sydney moved her to action. She discussed the need for a wig and scalp products for Sydney with South Carolina State Ambassador Zan Tyler. Eagerly serving South Carolina homeschooling families on behalf of HSF since 2010—including victims of last year’s flooding—Tyler had already raised funds for some future need, which HSF then matched. A grant was quickly awarded to the McCurrys allowing them to purchase Sydney a pretty wig, special shampoos, and scalp treatment therapies.

Watching her daughter beam in her new wig as she undergoes procedures that an adult would find daunting, Nancy can’t contain her gratitude, “I just thank the Lord for our South Carolina Ambassadors and HSF!”

Would you like to help restore the dignity of a homeschooling family? You can work alongside other HSF Ambassadors in your community! Find out more here: www.homeschoolfoundation.org/volunteer. 

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