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Son of Grant Recipient Speaks Out

Dakota Lynch will never forget the day his mother packed up his entire life in a U-Haul and drove him and his little sister away from their childhood home.

The move was sudden, but necessary—to save them from their physically abusive father.

“My mother had approximately $10 in her purse, but her commitment to homeschooling was strong,” Dakota shared. He and his sister had always been homeschooled; it had been a reassuring constant in their family’s turmoil.

Despite the fact they lacked the means to purchase basic school supplies, Dakota’s mom was determined to keep homeschooling. So she contacted the Home School Foundation (HSF), the charitable arm of HSLDA. Dakota was a freshman in high school and his sister in fourth grade at the time.

HSF was delighted to assist the Lynch family in purchasing the curriculum and materials they needed through its Children of Single Parent’s Fund.

A Bright Ray of Hope Nurtures Faith . . .

Dakota with his mother and sister“Your grant was a bright ray of hope in an otherwise dark time in my mother’s life, Dakota said. Her faith was strengthened as she was reminded that God would take care of our family and enable her to continue homeschooling me and my sister.”

Besides HSF, other organizations came alongside the family, including the Lynch’s local homeschool group and the annual GSLAHE Homeschool Expo in St. Louis, Missouri where the family lived.

Dakota still remembers how excited he was to attend the homeschool expo where he found out about the Scripture Memory Fellowship. “Each year at the GSLAHE Expo, I visited the Scripture Memory Fellowship booth and kept in touch with their executive director by email,” he said.

. . . and Grows Lasting Results   

After graduating from high school, Dakota was later hired on full-time by the organization. “It’s been especially gratifying to attend this convention now as an exhibitor for Scripture Memory Fellowship. It’s difficult to describe how it feels to be on the list of speakers at an event that had such a significant impact on my life as a child.”

Recently, Dakota proposed to an “amazing girl I was blessed to meet” at Scripture Memory Fellowship’s headquarters in Dallas. None of this might have happened except for the bravery and stalwart faith of his mother and support the family received from HSF and their local homeschool community.

Dakota sums it up best: “Besides the very real impact on the quality of my education, homeschooling has led me to opportunities and relationships I would have otherwise missed.”

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