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Blessed Beyond Belief

Leisha Drone felt blessed as she and her husband Willie entered the curricula sale, but she had no idea just how blessed she would feel when they left. 

The fundraiser sale, organized by the HSF Arizona Ambassador Team, allowed homeschooling families in need to purchased gently used and even new curriculum at a discount.  As Leisha perused the tables of books and supplies, she reminded herself that, despite her family’s financial situation, she was committed to homeschooling her two children. Since the fall of 2013, Leisha had struggled with serious health problems—having open heart surgery due to a rare “tearing” of her arteries shortly after her youngest child was born, followed by double-bypass surgery.

Willie had also been out of work for a year, picking up side jobs here and there to keep his wife and children sheltered and fed. How they were going to scrape together enough money to purchase school materials, Leisha didn’t know. The only thing she was certain of was the Lord had prompted her to come to this sale. 

'You Are Why We Do What We Do'

Meanwhile, Carol Gary, State Ambassador for Arizona, noticed the Drones when they entered the gym where the sale was being held.

"When I saw Leisha trying to stretch every penny they had, I knew that something was going on with her and her family.” Carol said. She introduced herself to Leisha and, as they spoke about the Drone’s situation, Carol noted the gentle spirit and quiet faith of the woman.

The longer they talked, the more certain Carol became that the Drone family was just the kind of family her Ambassador Team delighted to help. And it just so happened that the curricula the Drones were searching for was available and ready to be given to a family.

“Leisha and Willie just melted with gratitude when we told them what we wished to do for their family,” Carol continued.  “I told her that she and her family, with their commitment and passion to homeschool, are why we do what we do. We were meant to meet that day, and we thanked them for allowing us to bless them."

Four Boxes of Books and a Printer

The couple left the sale with four boxes of mostly new curricula loaded into their vehicle right on the spot and a credit of $200 towards math curricula available from a local homeschool resource center. Two weeks later, Ambassador Grant Gary, Carol’s husband, brought the family a refurbished copier-printer with two sets of toners, courtesy of Gary’s boss, meeting yet another need of the Drones.

Leisha and Willie now have plenty of materials to homeschool their children for several years. She recently expressed her gratitude to HSF and the Ambassador Team in a letter:

Thank you so much for this blessing so my children can continue to learn at home!  I had become soooo downhearted and discouraged with the many battles we were facing. I am in a better place and my children are steadily progressing. For this I am grateful.

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