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HSF Grant Check Arrives Just In Time

When her husband left their family, Laura Stewart* had been homeschooling for more than a decade—first her foster daughter, then her sons. Teaching her children at home was more than a preference to Laura. It was part of her life. But this commitment was tested when her now ex-husband chose not to contribute to any schooling costs.

"I was at a low point," Laura said. "I had collected a small amount of debt just paying for basic living expenses. I really wanted to keep homeschooling, but because our finances were so desperate, I was considering enrolling my sons in public school. That's when a friend told me about the Home School Foundation."
Down to Pennies

The Home School Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organization that provides grants to homeschooling families facing difficult situations. Laura applied for a grant with HSF that would ease the strain on her finances and allow her to purchase curriculum. One afternoon, while she was waiting to hear back from HSF, Laura realized they were down to pennies in the bank. Combing the house for change, she resorted to emptying her sons' piggy bank so they could put gas in the car to go to church that evening.

As they were leaving, Laura checked their mailbox and found a grant check from HSF waiting for her. "My grant check came just in time!" she shared. "Just in time to inspire my faith a little more in God's care and love for us."

Caring Donors Show God is There

The check was for much more than Laura expected. "It wasn't merely the amount that thrilled my heart," Laura said. "It was the care of God shining through the gift that touched me so deeply. I'm very thankful and blessed that HSF and its donors gave more than 'a cup of cold water' in Jesus name. God promises a reward to those who give. He blesses those who help others in need.

"Although the struggle as a single parent is difficult now, I will look back and be glad I made the sacrifice. My children's education and personal Christian development is a priority and the HSF grant lets us continue homeschooling with a God-focused curriculum. This whole experience has taught me that even when you feel completely alone, God has a way of sending someone along to show you that He is there and cares so much about each one of us."

Partner With Us

You can partner with us to help moms like Laura continue to homeschool by donating to the Children of Single Parents Fund. This last year we had a higher than expected number of families apply to this fund, so your gifts are needed and very appreciated!

If you know a homeschooling single parent who would benefit from a grant, please have them contact us!

*Name changed for privacy.

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