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Family Flies High Again With Ambassador Help

Lori and Eric Mann met and fell in love on a Christian dating site in 2006 while he was living in Washington State and she was living in Colorado. They talked by phone for two months and married two weeks after that. Their goals in life were similar, so the Manns went to work on their dreams. Eric would pursue his commercial airline pilot career, and Lori would earn a degree from a Bible college. Their overriding prayer was that the Lord would bless them with a family.


Years before, Eric had worked hard holding down two and three jobs to pay for college, aviation training, rating programs and became an airline pilot. Then 9/11 happened, the airline industry took a downward turn, and Eric lost his job. He was forced to walk away from aviation, his hard work seemingly accomplishing nothing. During this devastating time, Eric gave his life to Christ.

When Lori and Eric married, they did not foresee the hard times ahead of them, beginning with the loss of Lori’s job in the middle of her first pregnancy.  Always praying for direction, they applied for a financial grant from Washington State to allow Eric reentry into the aviation business. A year passed before he was approved to begin the two months of training necessary to reinstate his license, allowing him to fly and teach as a commercial pilot. Upon concluding his training, Eric and Lori (very pregnant with baby two) packed up their one-year old son and whatever would fit in a small U-Haul and drove to Arizona to accept a flight instructor position.

More Turbulence

Once in Arizona, Eric and Lori struggled again to accomplish their goals, surviving eviction, suffering repossessions, using food banks, and delivering newspapers in the middle of the night while Eric attended college and taught flight lessons. With two children at home, Lori chose to delay her return to school. In 2012, as the boys matured to “school age,” the Manns decided to homeschool their precious gifts from the Lord and have homeschooled ever since.

After finishing his college degree and working as a flight instructor for five years, Eric was finally hired as a commercial airline pilot, and Lori enrolled in Baptist Bible College on full scholarship, continuing to homeschooled the boys.

The Clouds Roll Away

While the family was still in absolute survival mode as Eric rebuilt his pilot career, Carol Gary, Arizona State Ambassador for the Home School Foundation (HSF), learned of their need for math curricula and the means to pay a past-due electric bill and past-due rent. Funds had already been raised by the Arizona Ambassador Team earlier in the year and matched by HSF, so a gift of money was possible and immediate. 

“When I met Lori face-to-face to discuss her family's situation, I was inspired with her drive and how passionate and creative she was about doing every single thing possible to make things work within their modest budget,” State Ambassador Carol Gary said. “Our Ambassador Team was blessed to be able to help them along their journey to relieve some of their financial pressures.”

Lori Mann agrees. “This coming year, we should see an amazing turn-around in our finances and finally see the fruit of our labor from the past ten years. Eric will soon make captain if all goes as planned. We work together to teach the boys how important it is to trust the Lord in all things. We will continue to struggle financially for a while longer, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And we want you to know just how thankful we are for your loving kindness and financial support.”

How You Can Help

To learn more about becoming an ambassador and help families like the Manns, visit homeschoolfoundation.org/volunteer

To give to the Arizona State Ambassador and to earmark your donation for use in Arizona, use this link and select Arizona in the state selection drop-down: https://www.homeschoolfoundation.org/SAFDonations.

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