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Good Connections: How a Little Networking Became a Huge Blessing

As retired veterans who homeschool their own children, Home School Foundation Nebraska Ambassador Kathryn Dillow and her husband are familiar with the military lifestyle and how it can impact homeschooling. For this reason, Ambassador Dillow decided to reach out to the School Liaison Officer (SLO) at her local military installation.

Networking for Good
Military families who are homeschooling or wish to homeschool often turn to their base SLO for information. Networking with the officer meant that more families could learn about the Home School Foundation’s fund for military families.

The meeting proved fruitful. Within a month, the SLO referred a newly relocated family to Ambassador Dillow, the Rowes.

Unexpected Homeschoolers
Mark and Fran Rowe moved their family to Nebraska in 2015. Madison, their youngest daughter, had only been in the local public school a couple of weeks when her parents became concerned that Madison’s special education needs were not being met effectively. So they decided to start homeschooling her. The Rowes had never homeschooled, had not planned to homeschool, and could not afford to purchase the special curriculum that Madison needed. Thanks to their SLO, however, they were able to turn to the Home School Foundation (HSF) for help.

Ambassador Dillow assisted the Rowes in purchasing curriculum with funds from the Nebraska State Ambassador Fund (which she had already raised and HSF had matched). She was also able to collaborate with another source for additional assistance.

“I’m so glad I was able to meet with the School Liaison Officer and that she willingly shared the Home School Foundation message with the Rowe family.  I’m honored to serve our military families in this way,” says Ambassador Dillow.

The Lord has Great Plans”
Fran had searched for a math curriculum that would fit Madison’s learning style. With HSF’s help she was able to purchase one that Madison enjoys and relates to. As a result of homeschooling, Madison is beginning to interact with the family more since their move.

“It has been such a blessing to have the help we needed. When we moved to Nebraska, everything was a whirlwind. The Home School Foundation made it possible for us to get started with Madison’s special educational needs.  We cannot say ‘Thank You!’ enough for the generosity shown us. We know the Lord has great plans for our family. When we claimed Philippians 4:6, God provided.”

Be a Part of the Blessing!
If this story resonated with you, please consider donating to the Nebraska Ambassador Fund so that we can continue to help homeschooling families like the Rowes. Go to https://www.homeschoolfoundation.org/SAFDonations and select Nebraska from the drop-down menu.

To learn more about becoming an ambassador and helping homeschool families in your area, visit www.homeschoolfoundation.org/volunteer.

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