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"More Than We Hoped For"

“Our children are now in their third week of homeschooling and excited for the weeks to come!” Thus shared the jubilant mother with the Home School Foundation (HSF).

But just a few weeks earlier, Ann Smith* was convinced the family would not begin the new school year at home. The past year had been the hardest year the Smiths had ever experienced. Between extended unemployment, unexpected heath issues, and a cross-country move, the family had no money for schoolbooks—let alone essentials like food and clothing. Unless they found a source of help, they would not be homeschooling during the 2015-16 school year.

It all began when Ann's husband, Greg, was laid off from his job in November 2013. At the same time, Greg felt direction from the Lord to pursue a seminary degree. However, unemployment continued until late July 2014, and health problems made it impossible for Ann to work. Finally, when Greg did find a job, it didn't pay a living wage and by that time, the family had many unpaid bills and absolutely no way to pay for school materials. So they continued looking for ways to live frugally and wait on the Lord. 

That's when Ann received a call from Davis Carman, the North Carolina State Ambassador for HSF.

“I learned about this family from a longtime friend in the local homeschooling community,” said Ambassador Carman. “When I interviewed the mother, I was impressed by how committed she was to continuing to homeschool their two school-age children and, eventually, their new baby, despite her health problems and her husband’s unfair employment situation. I was moved to assist them with an Ambassador Fund grant because they were trying so hard.”

Ambassador Carman had already raised funds which were waiting to be used to help struggling North Carolina families. So he conferred with the Ambassador Program Coordinator at HSF to arrange for a grant for the family to help buy food, clothing, and homeschool materials.

The Smiths were overwhelmed when they received the Ambassador grant in the mail. "It was more than we had even hoped for! Because of the generosity of this grant, we were able to continue homeschooling both our children. We even purchased the curriculum that we had hoped for, prayed over, and planned for. We are forever grateful for the Home School Foundation Ambassadors and their generous donors for the grant money. They took the time to ask us about our specific needs and to pray for our family, which was so encouraging.”

To learn more about becoming an ambassador, visit: www.homeschoolfoundation.org/volunteer.  

To support the NC State Ambassador Fund, go to:   https://www.homeschoolfoundation.org/SAFDonations and select North Carolina from the drop-down menu.

* name changed to protect privacy

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