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Bounce Party Provides Schoolbooks for Families

Maria Chamberlain really knows how to throw a party.  

The Home School Foundation’s New Hampshire State Ambassador and her daughter Leigh hosted a “Bounce Back-to-School” party at the First Congregational Church of Barrington. Nearly fifty parents and children attended the event, a fundraiser for the HSF New Hampshire Ambassador Fund.  Children jumped and squealed to their hearts’ content for hours in a huge red, blue, yellow, and green Crayola Crayon air-filled play yard on a day perfect for such a party.  

The fundraiser brought $350 into the New Hampshire State Ambassador Fund, all earmarked to bring financial assistance to New Hampshire homeschooling families. Additionally, HSF matched the raised funds to provide even more power to the donations. 

“I’m so gratified to be helping homeschooling families in need. It’s simply a joy,” Maria commented at the end of the fundraiser.  

She means it, too. Maria very quickly used the funds to bring personal, tangible relief to several struggling homeschooling families in the New Hampshire towns of Lincoln, Swanzey, Marlow, Strafford, Laconia, and Antrim. These families, seriously affected by economic setbacks, were then able to purchase curricula for a combined total of twenty-three children.  

In response to the donations, one family said, “Our curricula of choice provides our family with inspiration, motivation, and accountability, but we could not have afforded it without the help of our State Ambassador and the Home School Foundation. We are so very grateful.”

To learn more about becoming an ambassador, visit: www.homeschoolfoundation.org/volunteer.  

To give to the New Hampshire State Ambassador Fund, follow this link: https://www.homeschoolfoundation.org/SAFDonations and select New Hampshire from the drop-down menu.

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