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Spring Conferences Introduce Many to HSF

Since the staff at the Home School Foundation cannot personally attend all of the wonderful conferences hosted by homeschool organizations, we do the next best thing: send our volunteer Ambassadors in our place.

 This year, HSF Ambassadors represented HSF at 18 different conferences in 16 different states. We are very grateful to each of the homeschool organizations who donated booth space to HSF so that we were able to share our mission with attendees at no cost to us, allowing HSF to use our donors’ gifts to help more families in need.

We interviewed several of our ambassadors, who described the positive interactions they had with conference attendees--many of whom heard for the first time about HSF's work to "help families homeschool through hard times."

Kathy Fedele, the New York Ambassador, who manned the HSF booth at the Loving Education At Home Conference in New York, wrote, "I spoke with more than two dozen people about getting financial assistance from HSF. Some were young marrieds with pre-school age children, and some were grandparents homeschooling their children’s children! Some were single parents with the weight of the world on their shoulders. I met two families from the Onondaga Nation who were interested in homeschooling their kids. In my 23 years of serving as a leader in homeschool organizations,  I have never meet such unique families."

At the Arizona Families for Home Education conference, Carol Gary, the Arizona State Ambassador, met a single mother of several biological and foster children. The mother shared with Carol the various challenges she faced, seeking assurance that continuing to homeschool through her difficulties was the right thing to do. "She struggles to afford curriculum and works as a janitor part-time to make ends meet," Carol told us.

The mother blinked back tears, thanking Carol for providing guidance on how to request assistance from HSF and encouraging her to stay the course. "Thank you for actually listening to my fears. I am so blessed by you all."

Ambassadors are often invited to educate attendees about homeschooling resources. Kathryn Dillow, the Nebraska State Ambassador, represented HSF at the Catholic Homeschool Association of Omaha conference where she gave a workshop as well. "Families visiting the HSF table were eager to share their challenges and receive guidance. One mother new to homeschooling was amazed to hear about the HSF Members Helping Members Fund. She wanted to become a member of HSLDA but was feeling overwhelmed with her homeschool start-up costs," Kathryn shared. "There’s a rapport building in the homeschooling community between HSF and the families. People are starting to share more about their real needs and to refer friends by name to HSF for assistance. I’m so pleased to be able to point them to HSF for help."

HSF Ambassadors are actively compassionate volunteers who put a caring face on the ministry of the Home School Foundation. We need many more just like these.

 To learn more about becoming an ambassador, visit www.homeschoolfoundation.org/volunteer.

Helping families homeschool through hard times

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