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Ambassadors Recognized for Outstanding Service

Each year, the Home School Foundation (HSF) awards two volunteers of the HSF Ambassador Program (the service arm of HSF) the “Ambassador Service Award” for outstanding fundraising, recruitment, and family assistance. This year, three ambassadors earned the Award, which includes recognition at the HSLDA National Leaders’ Conference and a $1,000 travel stipend to the Conference.

Congratulations to Carol Gary, Maria Chamberlain, and Gayle Back

Carol Gary

Carol Gary, State Ambassador for Arizona, and her Arizona Ambassador Team raised over $10,000 between April 1 and September 1 and came to the assistance of more than 20 families in Arizona.  Because of a death in her family, Carol was unable to attend the Conference and use the Award’s travel stipend. Carol is an example of outstanding leadership and organization. She and her team are exemplary volunteers of the Ambassador Program.

"There are so many hurting families in our community, and our Arizona Ambassador Team selflessly continues to work together to try to address those needs on a very personal level," Carol told us.  "Although I have been invited to attend the last three national conferences as a guest of HSF, I have only had the pleasure of being able to attend one, which was a blessing and an education in many ways. I thank HSF for the honor of being invited again, and I'm sure this year's conference will be a gratifying experience for all who attend."

Maria Chamberlain

Maria Chamberlain, New Hampshire State Ambassador, earned the Award for extending financial assistance to six families in the space of one month. Serving as a multi-State Ambassador for New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, she is building ambassador teams in each state; and her daughter Abby will soon be New Hampshire’s first Youth Ambassador. Maria is an example of caring compassion in action.

“Sometimes homeschooling can be difficult when things are going well," said Maria upon receipt of her award. "But I have a special burden for those who are committed to teaching their children when times get really tough. Serving as an HSF Ambassador and helping families achieve their parenting goals is gratifying in and of itself. Yet I am especially blessed to be attending the HSLDA National Conference because of this Award. Thank you!"

Gayle Back

Ohio’s State Ambassador Gayle Back is an amazing example of fortitude and resilience. Gayle recently underwent a serious medical procedure and was not planning to attend the Conference. As the ambassador raising the second greatest amount of funds after Arizona, Gayle learned that she had earned the unused Ambassador Service Award. She began praying she would be well enough to attend. And she is!

Gayle calls this award "a blessing" after having expensive brain surgery. "I had tears in my eyes as I read the announcement that I had earned this Award for fundraising. I’m now able to attend the HSLDA National Conference because of this Award!”

The HSF national team of Ambassadors gave personal, tangible assistance to 35 families this year and raised thousands of dollars to do so. Funds raised by ambassadors stay in state and are matched by HSF up to $2,000 per state. HSF has ambassadors in nearly every state, but we need many more!      
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