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Military Family Homeschools with Confidence with HSF Grant

When Diane McCullah learned that the U.S. Army was transferring her husband from Alaska to the East Coast, she wasn’t sure how they could afford to continue homeschooling. The family of five had enjoyed homeschooling with the help of state funding in Alaska, but no such funding was available in their new home, North Carolina. And her husband’s pay would decrease with the move while their living expenses would increase.

Serendipitously, Diane came across a post on the Happy Housewife’s Facebook page that mentioned the Home School Foundation. She was pleased that HSF offered curriculum grants to homeschooling military families, but was hesitant to apply as she felt that she should be the one to pay for her children’s education. However, after looking at the overwhelming challenge posed by the family’s budget, Diane decided to contact HSF.

“To know that others support homeschooled and military families was extremely comforting as we applied for the grant.” Diane said. After a medical issue arose suddenly preventing her from meeting the grant application deadline, Diane was even more encouraged when HSF worked with her to ensure the family would still be considered for a grant.

Through her HSF Military Fund grant, Diane has homeschooled her children this year with confidence. They’ve also made good use of living on the East Coast by touring several important early American battlefields as part of their history curriculum.

“We spent several weekends traveling to the battlefields to better understand what they looked like, how each side was positioned, where each side went after the battles. History came alive for us!”

She credits HSF donors with helping her homeschool successfully. “Because of the grant, we were able to have another successful school year. We were able to satisfy our children’s curiosities and stimulate more investigations into the world around us.”

Want to bless other homeschooling military families with a curriculum grant? Donate to the HSF Military Fund today!

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