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Widow Finds Strength in Husband's Final Words

"Can you tell me your wife's name?" the nurse asked the missionary aviation mechanic in the hospital bed. "Dana. Marie. Homeschool mom," Chris replied. These were the last words Dana's husband spoke as he slipped into a coma, two days before he died from a highly aggressive form of brain cancer. 

It was 2006. Chris and Dana had just celebrated their 13th anniversary.

Chris and Dana A. and children before Chris' death.

Several months after Chris's death, Dana became anxious about the future. She heard the Lord gently say, "Trust Me." "But Lord, how? What about homeschooling?" Dana wondered. 

Then God reminded her of her husband's final words. She was a homeschool mom. As Dana wept thankful tears, she knew God, in His love for her and her children wanted her to continue homeschooling, and He would help her.

And He did. God used homeschooling to allow Dana and her children to work through their grief. Dana says using the Bible as a textbook became a vital part of their healing process. Not only that, but God brought Dana to the Home School Foundation.

"I was a member of HSLDA and had heard about the Home School Foundation, but I never thought I would need their help. How thankful I am for the financial assistance we received. The Lord used the generosity of HSF donors to help me purchase my curriculum so I could continue to teach my children at home."

Eight years later, Dana is still homeschooling. She has also recently become a nurse, following a desire she has had for some time. "I needed to choose a career that would take me into the future after my children are grown. What better thing to do than get paid for something you enjoy?"

When asked about encouraging other widows whose grief may be more recent, Dana shared, "Never forget Who walks with you every step of the way. He never leaves us, nor forsakes us."

Dana A. and children after Chris' death.

She also credits those who have donated to the Home School Foundation as a source of encouragement. "Thank you for your generous donations which have helped me keep homeschooling through such a difficult time. The Lord used your generosity."

The Mission of the Home School Foundation

Helping struggling families continue homeschooling - this is why the Home School Foundation exists. We help widows, single parents, families with children with special needs, military families, those who have lost a home due to fire, flood, or storm, and families facing other emergencies.

How do we do this?

Blessing the homeschooling community is possible when caring, compassionate friends join with HSF. Your generosity and prayers make a world of difference to hurting families. Together, we strengthen the homeschooling community...one family at a time. 

Won't you join us in supporting families like Dana's?

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