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Students Memorize for New Hampshire State Ambassador Fund
Classical Conversation students who raised funds for HSF.

In May 2014, Classical Conversations students from Rochester, New Hampshire inspired many to give to the Home School Foundation’s New Hampshire State Ambassador Fund. By working hard to become Memory Masters (students who memorized over 500 pieces of information including Newton's laws of motion and Latin verb conjugations), these children were rewarded in an eternal way. 

Rather than receive a ribbon or trophy, these students desired to see others helped through difficult times. This past spring there were a number of tragedies in the local homeschooling community, and these children have prayed collectively for those needing Christ’s love during these adversities. Individuals and local businesses contributed to support the work of the HSF. Through the students' scholastic achievement, over $600 in funds were collected for homeschooling families in New Hampshire.

HSF congratulates these Classical Conversations students on a job well done!

Helping families homeschool through hard times

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