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After House Fire Explosion, Ohio Ambassador Fuels Hope

Imagine being away for a weekend and getting a call that your house has just burned down. That is exactly what happened to Gary and Pat Allen. While most of the Allen family was away, one of their older sons stayed behind to care for the house and animals. He was in the barn feeding the animals when he heard a loud explosion. He ran out of the barn just in time to see flames shooting out of the windows of their house. The entire house was gone in 45 minutes. 

Nothing was salvageable.  

The Allen Family

The Allens, who live in Ohio, have been homeschooling their six children for nearly 30 years. Among many other things, they have served in their local 4-H community, have been homeschool support group leaders for many years, and have served on their state homeschool organization’s board of directors.   

As soon as she heard that the Allens had lost their home, Home School Foundation State Ambassador Gayle Back went right to work gathering support to help offset some of the expenses that the family would encounter as they rebuilt. Their local community helped as well.  

In response, the Allens said that they were “thankful to the Lord for His goodness through it all and feel especially blessed that no one was hurt in the fire.”  

If you would like to learn more about how to become an Ambassador for HSF and help homeschool families in need in your local community, visit   

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