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Helping a Second Time

Last fall, Kristi G. found herself unable to purchase all the curriculum she needed to homeschool her nine (soon to be ten) children. Her husband, who is from Canada, was dealing with immigration snarls, affecting his ability to work full-time. With some help from her parents, Kristi and her husband were just managing to stay afloat as they trusted the Lord to provide. 

The Kristi G. Family

“Every time there was a need, the Lord always provided.” Kristi told us.

Because the Home School Foundation (HSF) had previously helped Kristi afford vision therapy for one of her sons through the Special Needs Children’s Fund, she contacted us again when she was unable to purchase curriculum for the 2013-2014 school year. HSF gave her a financial grant through the Kids Curriculum Fund (formerly called the Curriculum Relief Fund).

Kristi was “overjoyed” when she received her Kids Curriculum grant from HSF.

“It helped me purchase the curriculum needed to finish the school year. I knew we didn't need to worry about where the funds were going to come from, but we wouldn't have been able to continue teaching as many subjects if it had not been for the grant.”

Kristi added, “The Lord has promised He will provide food, shelter, clothing, and all that we need. He continues to show me everyday that He is the provider . . . He used HSF and its donors to provide for a great need we had this school year. Thank you!”

Please pray for Kristi’s husband and other HSF grant recipients as they search for adequate employment.

Helping families homeschool through hard times

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