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Ambassador Helps Family Recover from House Fire

As told by Dawn Stockton, Ambassador Program Grant Recipient

December 3, 2013 began as a typical day for our family, but by that evening our entire lives had changed. My son, Christopher, and I were at home when the lights flickered and then went out. I looked out my back door toward the garage and saw a red glow. Then I smelled smoke. 

I yelled for Christopher and grabbed our dog. As we scrambled to get out, I heard a loud bang. We ran to the neighbor’s house, glancing back to see the garage completely engulfed. Fortunately, we live close enough to the fire department that the truck got there in time to prevent the house from burning completely. 

The day after the fire, we were able to go back into our home to assess the damage. Walking through the house was very difficult. I was heartbroken at what I saw: everything we’ve worked for and accumulated through the years in ruins. The garage and its contents, including our van, were destroyed. The rest of the house suffered severe water and smoke damage. 

The Braggs Family home burning

We were, however, able to salvage some important papers, mementos, and pictures. PRAISE GOD! My son came across a small, recordable picture frame containing images and sounds of him when he was just a toddler.  There he was as a two-year-old again, with a recording of him saying his name. Finding the frame intact was an awesome, emotion-filled blessing. 

Now we had to rebuild. The Home School Foundation Ambassador Program, represented by the North Carolina Ambassador Davis Carmen, played a vital part in helping us replace our homeschool curriculum. With HSF’s donation to us, we were able to purchase new materials and pick up where we left off.  The care and compassion that has been extended to us by HSF and Ambassador Carman has been truly genuine and heart-felt. We are very grateful for Mr. Carman’s support and prayers for our family. 

Thanks to our excellent insurance company, we’ve had temporary housing while our house is being rebuilt. We are so grateful to God and all those who have helped up during this time and look forward to the end of May when we will be back home again.

HSF Ambassadors love to serve.  We need more in every state.  Please visit to learn more and to volunteer.

Helping families homeschool through hard times

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