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Thirteen Ways We Made a Difference in 2013

Home School Foundation Ambassadors are making a difference from coast to coast by helping homeschooling families face their immediate challenges and continue to educate their children. Ambassadors identify struggling  families and raise funds on their behalf, which HSF matches.

1. Marnie Tabor, AL Ambassador, helped a family with trans-portation expenses so that their six-year old daughter with leukemia could get treatment.

2. Phyllis Tate, AL Ambassador, assisted a single mother with two children pay her  high medical bills and repair her car.

3. Carol Gary, AZ Ambassador, obtained the cooperation of dental specialists and raised funds to provide dentures for a father who lost his teeth during cancer treatment.

Don and Debbie Woolett, KY Ambassadors, arranged for winter fuel for a widow and her daughter.

5. Robert and Darlene Muto, MA Ambassadors, arranged the removal of 60,000 pounds of house fire debris and the purchase of musical instruments for a family of ten.

Deana Haines, MO Ambassador, helped an abandoned family with utilities, groceries, car repairs, and curricula needs.

7. Kathy Fedele, NY Ambassador, provided funds for living expenses and curricula to a family dealing with cancer.

8. Davis Carman, NC Ambassador, raised funds to purchase winter clothing for a family of four.

Marilyn Mason, OK Ambassador, assisted two families who lost their homes and libraries in wildfires.

10. Brenda Weidenhammer, PA Ambassador, raised funds for gasoline and winter fuel for a family whose dad is in prison.

Gina Vormelker, TX Ambassador, arranged payment of medical expenses for a family with a seriously ill baby.

Molly Carlson, WA Ambassador, enabled a family hit hard by multiple hardships to buy Christmas presents for the children..

HSF learned of a very specific curriculum need one of our ambassador families had and encouraged the ambassador to apply for just the amount to cover the special book. We are so pleased to see our ambassadors work on behalf of others and then find their own needs met, pressed down and overflowing.

To learn more about the HSF Ambassador Program, go to homeschoolfoundation.org/volunteer.

Helping families homeschool through hard times

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