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“I'm so grateful that I'm able to homeschool my son and give him the time and space he needs to grow academically without feeling like a failure.”

Monica U., Grant Recipient

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HSF offers Compassion Curriculum Grants to help low-income families with their homeschooling-related needs. If you’re currently homeschooling and struggling financially, prequalify now to see if we can assist your family with a grant for the upcoming school year!

What can grants be used for?

Grant funds may be used for:

  • Curriculum
  • School materials
  • Homeschool course/class tuition
  • School-related technology
  • Co-op fees

Does my family qualify?

To qualify for a grant:

  • You must have completed at least one semester of homeschooling immediately prior to applying;
  • At least one of your homeschooled children must be between 6 and 19 years old;
  • You must have legal custody of the children you are homeschooling;
  • You must be able to show significant financial need.

If you have ever received an HSF grant, to reapply you must also:

  • Have sent in your signed statement and receipts documenting how your prior grant money was spent;
  • Be a member of HSLDA (first-time applicants do not need to be members);
  • Have waited a year since your last application.

Not homeschooling yet?

If you want to homeschool but haven’t yet started, you can find discounted curriculum options and tips for starting strong by visiting our Homeschooling and Other Resources page.

When can I apply?

The Prequalification Questionnaire is available the 1st through the 7th of each month. We send out grant applications at the end of every month to as many prequalified families as we have funding to assist.

Families must prequalify to determine if they are eligible to receive an application. Once a family is notified that they have successfully prequalified, they will be considered for receiving an application at the end of that month.

Families who receive and successfully complete an application (including providing satisfactory supporting documentation) will have their application reviewed and, upon approval, will receive a grant if they meet all the eligibility criteria as described above. The size of grants vary based on family situation and availability of funding.

Prequalify Now!


Am I guaranteed an application after I prequalify?

Prequalified families are not guaranteed an application, as applications are limited and are sent out based on degree of need and availability of donor funds. We send applications to as many families as we can, but we cannot always assist every worthy family.

If you prequalify and we are not able to send you an application, you may request to be considered again for the following month’s applications.

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