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Pennsylvania Ambassador Warms a Hearth

Brenda Weidenhammer joined the HSF Ambassador Program in Summer 2013 because she wanted to help hurting homeschooling families around her. As a student body advisor of her homeschool coop, she noticed a particular family that seemed to be having a really hard time.  She had known the Jones* family through the coop for three years and knew that Mrs. Jones was finding it very difficult to continue homeschooling her four children. Mr. Jones was in rehab for an addiction problem and had spent time in prison, causing the family obvious hardships.  

According to Weidenhammer, “This homeschooling mom had determination and that impressed me very much. But her hardships were wearing on her. I watched her take classes to further her education and still keep up with her homeschooling. She applied for HSLDA membership even though it meant sacrificing other things. I decided to have a fundraiser at an activity center for parents and kids called “Come Have a Blast,” and we actually raised money!  The Home School Foundation matched our donations, and I was able to give a gift of money to this family.”

Mrs. Jones was very grateful. “We were so happy that our Ambassador noticed our situation and wanted to help us,” she said. “We were running short on fuel to heat our home and gas for our car and were scraping the bottom of the barrel. It would have been very uncomfortable holding school in a cold room. This financial gift helped us get through a particularly cold winter month and helped me get where I needed to be so that I can be a better homeschooling teacher.”

To apply to become an ambassador or to learn more, visit:

*Name changed to preserve the privacy and dignity of the family.

Helping families homeschool through hard times

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