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We take your trust-and your right to privacy very seriously. The following privacy policy outlines the type and use of information we gather from donors, grant applicants and recipients, registered users, and visitors of the and websites.

W E B S I T E and gather two types of information:

  1. Account Information: Information that you provided to become a member or to set up an account as a leader, e-mail subscriber, or other relationship. Account information can include both demographic information (name, address, phone number, zip code, email address, etc.) and preference information (username, password, etc.). HSLDA  and HSF do not knowingly accept or use account information from children 12 years old or younger without parental consent.

  2. Usage Information: Data that is collected by the user's browser (see cookies below) or provided by the user's connection for a page requested on our site (commonly referred to as website log data).


W H A T  W E  D O  W I T H  A C C O U N T   D A T A

Account data will not be sold, rented, or donated to anyone other than HSLDA affiliated/contract organizations, except to the extent necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable laws or in legal proceedings where such information is relevant.  HSLDA will have access only to such information (biographic, etc.) as is necessary for their work.  All other information and documentation will be accessible to HSF only.  HSF does not knowingly accept or use account information from children 12 years old or younger without parental consent.

Account information may be required to receive access to certain information or services.

  • HSLDA will at times use account information to offer services that we believe will assist homeschoolers. To opt out of such offers, account holders may communicate their preferences to us by email at:

  • To set preferences about how an email address is used, please visit

W H A T  W E  D O  W I T H  U S A G E   D A T A

Web servers for HSLDA and HSF gather and analyze usage data from website visitors to help with a variety of site management issues. For example, we use log data to:

  • Diagnose problems with our server

  • Evaluate the sources of our user traffic (i.e. where site visitors clicked from to reach us)

  • Determine traffic patterns through our site (to build better internal links and improve your ability to find what you want)

  • Understand and optimize our site for the broadest selection of browser types (again, to improve your experience)


Our sites use cookies to improve your experience while you're visiting us and to recognize repeat visitors where that information provides a different experience. Cookies are electronic "tags" placed on your browser by our servers. Your browser then stores data on your computer about your visit to our site.

H O W  C O O K I E S  H E L P  Y O U

  • You only have to log in once when you visit certain "members-only" areas

  • You can get customized (ie. selected by you) information without having to ask for it every visit, such as geographically specific information

  • Cookies are required for you to access any of our restricted sections



All financial and other documentation provided to HSF as part of the grant application process is confidential and is used strictly to determine applicants’ eligibility.  We will not sell, share, or rent this information.  Expired or rejected applications are shredded with all associated documentation (references, financial documentation, educational assessments, etc.).  References are chosen by applicants and provide information voluntarily.  References’ comments are the confidential property of HSF and will not be shared with any outside party, including applicants. 


In compliance with federal law, HSF must collect receipts for grants awarded.  They are kept for 5 years to be used strictly for records. 


Donation information is recorded on the donors’ account, accessible only to the staff of HSF and HSLDA.  We will not sell, share, or rent this information.  Paper copies of check and credit card donations are kept for 1 year and 7 years, respectively, after which time they are shredded.

U P D A T I N G  Y O U R  A C C O U N T  W I T H  H S L D A

User account data can be updated on the HSLDA website at the addresses listed below, by sending an e-mail to, or by calling our office at 540-338-5600. Phone calls may be monitored and documented. All information HSF receives via phone is voluntary, confidential, and not shared with any outside organization.

If you have questions, concerns, or complaints, please contact the webmaster:

P.O. Box 3000
Purcellville, VA 20134
(540) 338-5600


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