Huge Responsibility

The Home School Foundation Grant has helped us tremendously this year that we can’t thank you enough! We are grateful to God as I know His hand was in the giving, and we are grateful to the givers for their obedience and hearts!

We believe that as God has given us authority over our children, He has given us authority over their education. What a huge responsibility for parents in today’s world, where God is not being taught in our schools. Having experience with the public school system firsthand, we do not believe they are equipped to adequately provide for our special needs child.

Crysta is twelve years old, has spina bifida, hydracephalus, and is paralyzed. Therefore we have chosen the often difficult path of homeschooling, giving up a two-income household, so God can be present in every class, and Crysta will get the one-on-one special attention that she needs.  Because of HSF, we have been greatly encouraged in our endeavors to homeschool and blessed with the opportunity of a God-centered curriculum.  As Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” So I hope and pray that in the future we will be able to give back to the Foundation for the years they have provided for our household to make a difference for our child.

~ Dawn E., Special Needs Children's Fund

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