Widow's Wreath

May I share with you how thankful and blessed I am through the kindness of an anonymous donor of HSF?
Growing up my mom put up Christmas decorations every year, one of which was a Christmas wreath. But as a married couple and then as a widow, I never owned a Christmas wreath (in 22 years), yet I truly wanted one.
Yesterday was my 47th birthday and it was a full day because it was our  homeschool choir day and we drive 45 minutes one way. I arrived home around 4:30 pm after leaving the house at 10 am and I noticed a package at my front door.
How special on my 47th birthday to receive a package from HSF! Because we do live in a world of sin and misery, I always feel a tint of sadness when my birthday arrives, but when I opened  up the box from HSF, my heart again gave thanks to our Father in heaven for his tender mercies.  How I love my Christmas wreath and how I wish I could thank the person who gave it to me!
My first Christmas wreath means more to me than any other Christmas wreath could ever mean.
~  Becky M., Christmas Wreath Donation

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