Military Families

“Because of the grant, we were able to have another successful school year. We were able to satisfy our children’s curiosities and stimulate more investigations into the world around us.”

Diane McCullah
Military Fund Grant recipient

This fund assists low-income military homeschool families who are struggling financially to meet their children’s educational needs.

Grants may be used toward curriculum, materials, and extra-curricular activities for families where one or both parents are active, disabled, retired or in the reserves with a branch of the military.

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Military Family Homeschools with Confidence with HSF Grant
Diane McCullah, Military Fund Grant recipient

When Diane McCullah learned that the U.S. Army was transferring her husband from Alaska to the East Coast, she wasn’t sure how they could afford to continue homeschooling. The family of five had enjoyed homeschooling with the help of state funding in Alaska, but no such funding was available in their new home, North Carolina. And her husband’s pay would decrease with the move while their living expenses would increase. Read Diane's Interview>>



Helping families homeschool through hard times

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