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    • I understand you give grants to some homeschool groups. How do I find out if my homeschool group is eligible and for what kind of things are these grants given?

      Annually, HSF offers grants to homeschool groups that are registered Discount Groups with HSLDA and have at least 25 HSLDA member families.

      If your group falls into this category and you have never received a grant application from us, please make sure that HSLDA has your group's current contact information and that the contact person on file is aware of the grant opportunity. Please visit HSLDA's Group Discount website to update your group's contact information with HSLDA or to talk to them about becoming a Discount Group.

      These group grants can be used for a multitude of things for your group. All uses need to be for tax-exempt purposes such as field trips, a newsletter, science equipment, graduation ceremonies, libraries, etc.

      We are sometimes able to offer grants to groups that do not fall into the Discount Group category, which we handle on a case-by-case basis. If your group has a pressing need, feel free to send a proposal describing the need via our online contact form

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