International Homeschooling Fund


The International Homeschooling Fund promotes homeschooling internationally by providing financial assistance to homeschooling organizations in other nations.

W H O   D O E S   I T   H E L P ?

The International Fund offers assistance to homeschool organizations in countries that are struggling to establish and advance homeschooling freedoms. We help with legal issues, work through diplomatic channels and legislative bodies, promote availability of curriculum, and provide other support. To find out if your organization qualifies for financial assistance, please contact us.

T H E   S T O R Y 

In 1991, Home School Legal Defense Association joined with first–generation Canadian homeschoolers to establish HSLDA of Canada. Families there were facing the same challenges Americans experienced ten years earlier when our laws and government were largely opposed to homeschooling.

Soon after, HSLDA started assisting new homeschool leaders in Mexico with translating curriculum into Spanish and sponsoring homeschool conferences. Meanwhile, countries like Japan and Germany also needed help in securing homeschool freedoms. HSLDA stepped in and the Foundation joined them in financially assisting international homeschool organizations and HSLDA’s endeavors with them.

Today, HSLDA has established a working relationship with homeschool organizations in over 37 countries, and HSF is often at its side providing assistance to these families all over the world.

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