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When Life Falls Apart

“Some months back, I read one of your stories that touched me more than any other,” Claire* wrote the Home School Foundation.

The story was about a single mother whose life was falling apart around her, yet she clung to her heavenly Father and continued homeschooling her children.
Within a few months of reading the story, Claire found herself walking that same journey: foreclosure, bankruptcy, moving, trying to provide for her children all on her own. “I had no idea when I read this story of this single mother that I was so soon to have my own ‘version,’” she said.
Claire describes herself as a single mother of many years. “Life has been difficult, but we have an awesome God who is always faithful,” she said. One of the ways His faithfulness was apparent was in the provision of a supportive church family unlike any Claire’s family had ever been a part of. Another was in bringing her to HSF to get assistance with some bills and curriculum needs. "Thank you for the love, support, and financial assistance you've offered our family.  It means so much more than you know," she said. 

Through its Children of Single Parents Fund, HSF helps Christian single parents and their children from all sorts of backgrounds and situations. Many have faced abuse, betrayal, even attempts on their lives from their estranged spouses—yet they still seek to give their children a quality homeschool education. 

“We thank our Lord for answering our prayer to be able to continue homeschooling and for being faithful to provide our daily needs,” wrote one single mom of 10 kids who had been homeschooling for 10 years.

“We also thank you all for allowing Him to use you to help our family. Words cannot express how blessed we were to receive a check in the mail from you all.  We had just prayed earlier that morning and asked God to please take care of our needs and to make a way for us to pay our bills on time. The check you sent us came later that day, just on time, and it was so nice to hold it up to the children and tell them how, once again, God was faithful.”

Another mom wrote that her husband has completely disconnected from the family, gives no help financially, and they have no other family nearby. “For the past two-and-a-half years, my first concern has been my children's safety, but next I have striven to keep as much of their lives unchanged as God will allow,” she said. “We have solely relied on God to provide for us, and allow us to continue to homeschool, and He has miraculously done that throughout this time. You are part of that miracle. Thank you!”

 This same mother said that for years she was blessed to be able to donate to HSF—never thinking she would one day be a recipient. “While the giving side is a lot more fun and much easier, we know that God has a purpose in this season of our lives, as well,” she said. “Thank you very much for the amazing grant we received! We are so thankful for the kindness that was shown to us. We are very grateful to Christ's hands and feet, although their identity is unknown to us, they are very known to Him!”

Chrissy* wrote us within half an hour of receiving her grant in the mail, “There are no words to express my gratitude. Thank you so much, from my heart and from my children, too. We would not be able to home school this year without your generosity. Thanks so much!”

For everyone who gives faithfully to this special fund, thank you from these and many other parents and children who are clinging to the Lord as they face hardships.

To give to help other families like these, go here.
*All names changed to protect privacy.

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