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What Does an HSF Donor Look Like?

Did you know that all the funding at HSF comes through private donations, mostly from individuals? What, you may be wondering, do the HSF donors look like?

First of all, they are people who sincerely care about the needs of families in the homeschooling community. While they may have a particular desire to help homeschooling widows or single parents, or may want to bless a homeschooling family with a child with special needs, their care for others is universally understood by our grant recipients, regardless of which fund a donor might feel passionate about.

We witness that care regularly, both in the generosity of our donors and in the sentiments they share with us when we have opportunity to speak with them. As we encourage the families we help, our donors encourage us in their faith-filled support and prayers for our work here. We are so grateful for the friendship and partnership we share with them!

Some of the encouraging words we’ve received from our donors:

“We have a few places we can give, and HSF is one of them. Homeschooling is important to us, even though our oldest is only three, and we love what HSF is doing to help others.”    ~Karen F.

“We have a folder called Giving Opportunities, and last year, my children, my husband, and I all picked where we wanted to give. My husband wanted to give to HSF’s Children of Single Parents Fund. And now that we know about the new Military Fund, we’re hoping God will provide so we can give to that, too, this year! Thank you for all you do!”   ~Sonja H.

Lastly, we wholeheartedly concur with the prayer of one of our donors, “May our Lord provide you with all wisdom and understanding as you engage in this ministry for His glory and the benefit of His Church here on earth. ‘The joy of the LORD is your strength.’” (Nehemiah 8:10)

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