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Homeschool Starter Kit

Whether you’re a veteran homeschooling family or recently began the journey, you know what it feels like to make the decision to homeschool, what it took to take that first step. So many details! Such a big commitment! You remember the excitement mixed with apprehension—and how each word of encouragement and helpful hint meant so much.

At the Home School Foundation we hear from many families who are just starting their homeschool journey. Unfortunately, many do not qualify for a grant from us. So, while we tell them where to obtain low-cost resources, we truly hate to send them away empty-handed.

G R E A T  E N C O U R A G E M E N T

Now you can help us send them off with a smile. Based on research we’ve conducted informally, we have put together a small gift that we believe will be a great encouragement to many of these families—a Homeschool Starter Kit.

This kit contains items that a typical homeschooler would find helpful to get started, such as: a few educational supplies like paper/pencils and a daily planner; encouraging materials like Chris Klicka's book "The Heart of Homeschooling;" access to discounts and deals from HSLDA, vendors, and state homeschool groups; articles with tips on how to homeschool on a shoestring budget, and more—all perfect for the financially struggling but committed homeschooler.

Our goal for these Homeschool Starter Kits is to give financially struggling new homeschool families a solid first step into the big world of homeschooling.

B E  A  S P O N S O R

 As you reflect back on your first steps into homeschooling, remember the encouragement you received—or wish you had received—and how much it meant. And if you would like to help us put this practical gift into the hands of fellow homeschoolers, please consider sponsoring a Homeschool Starter Kit today.

After all, it’s more than a box of useful items—it’s a box of encouragement!

You can sponsor a Homeschool Starter Kit for a new homeschool family for only $40. How?

  1. Send a check payable to HSF with “Kids Curriculum” in the memo line to: PO Box 1152, Purcellville, VA 20134
  2. Call in a credit card donation to Kids Curriculum Fund: 540-338-8688
  3. Make an online donation to the Kids Curriculum Fund.

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