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To meet the needs of struggling homeschool families through HSF gifts and the resources of the local community.

W H O  

The HSF Ambassador Program is a national network of volunteers making a tangible, practical difference in their homeschool communities enabling families to homeschool through hard times. They bring blessing, healing, and a personal touch to families in distress, such as single parents struggling to make ends meet, families with special needs children, and military families stressed by separation and frequent moves.

With compassion and grace, ambassadors identify and help families who are experiencing financial hardship caused by the death or abandonment of a spouse; they endeavor to provide the basics of winter fuel, clothing, and school books to children who would otherwise do without; they help widows who need a hand mending a roof or maintaining the yard for a season; and they help families hit by illness, flood, or fire.

(Note: Ambassador Program assistance is available via personal nomination by an authorized State or Community Ambassador.)

W H A T 

Ambassador volunteers share the message of the Foundation by representing it at state events and in their communities, providing information about the Foundation to those in need, explaining the mission to potential donors, and networking in the local homeschool community to implement opportunities for families to serve each other in tangible ways through fundraisers and service projects.

State and Community Ambassadors are active at the state and community levels and call Service Ambassadors into action. Youth Ambassadors serve alongside ambassador parent/guardians and are encouraged to create and implement projects with their guidance.

Click on the links below to learn more about the duties of Ambassadors.

State Ambassadors

Community Ambassadors

Service Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors

Our functions chart shows how the Ambassador network works. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please fill out the questionnaire below. If you have teens 15-18 years of age, consider encouraging them to enroll after you do.


To earmark your donation for use in helping families in your state, you may

1. Donate online -- simply select your state.

2. Send a check payable to HSF including this note on the memo line: "For [your state] Ambassador Fund." 

3. Call 540-338-8688 to use your credit card.

All donations to State Ambassador Funds are tax-deductible. State Ambassador Funds not used within 12 months may be used where most needed.

Become a fan of the Ambassador Program's Facebook page to follow our activities and to know how to pray for families in need.

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